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Blue and Red Light Treatments

Reduce acne scars with blue and red light treatment — it may sound odd, but it is a new skin care treatment that is rapidly gaining widespread backing and acceptance. Currently, conditions treated with blue and red light include acne, eczema, and signs of aging like wrinkles, dry skin, and discoloration. Blue and red light treatment is one of many options you have at our office, and laser acne scar removal is also available.

Blue and red light treatment is a great alternative to peels and medications that cause further irritation and unwanted side effects. Studies in the UK have confirmed this treatment to have real medical potential. In a 12-week trial, users applied the light treatment to their faces for about 15 minutes. The outcome: on average, 76% of the pimples on patients’ faces disappeared or were reduced. This cosmetic process is one of many options for acne and acne scar treatments at our office.

Blue and red light treatment has become popular among those with acne woes because it is believed to kill the P. acnes bacteria that cause pimples and breakouts. Killing bacteria with regular light treatments causes the face to clear up without harming the unaffected skin. Other acne treatments cause reddening and peeling around the acne they are designed to treat. The treatment has also resulted in positive improvements for patients with eczema, which is noteworthy since successful treatments for eczema are rare.

Many people who show no improvement when using creams or special soaps experienced less itchiness, as well as the disappearance of scaly skin, once they tried blue and red light treatments. If you want treatments for acne scar removal in Beverly Hills, or in the surrounding areas, come to us. Our West Hollywood office is within convenient reach of all areas of Los Angeles. In a number of scientific trials, wrinkles and dry skin were also reduced through daily blue and red light treatments. For more information on blue and red light treatments, or to schedule an appointment, call (323) 650-9949.

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