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Kenalog Injections

Kenalog Scar Injections

Not everyone is looking for acne scar removal treatments, many also seek keloid scar removal. Keloids are a type of scar that tends to keep growing. It is usually in the form of a raised area of skin with a smooth top and a pink or purple color. Normally, they do not go away without treatment. If you need keloid scar treatment, or acne scar treatment, we offer you the very best.

Keloid scar removal can be attempted in many ways. An injection of a steroid is one way doctors try for keloid scar removal. They are a safe and nearly painless way to treat a keloid. Steroid injections are usually given about once a month. The steroid causes the keloid to flatten, but it risks making their color darken. Steroid injections do help, but they may also leave a rough surface after treatment.

Another treatment used for keloid scar removal is a laser treatment. The laser can make the keloid flatter and less red, thus making it less visible. The laser treatments are generally safe, but some people are not candidates for it. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know whether you are a candidate for keloid scar laser treatment (or, for that matter, laser acne scar removal). Los Angeles residents, and those in the surrounding areas, are welcome in our West Hollywood office.

You are not a candidate for this type of treatment if you have skin disorders like cystic acne, dermatitis, or psoriasis. Also, taking certain medications may not allow you to receive laser treatment. The procedure for keloid scar removal using a laser is generally not painful and is safe. You may have to undergo more than one treatment to get results. Laser treatment for keloid scar removal is more expensive than getting injections of steroids, but the benefits may outweigh the extra cost. With the right treatment you can get your skin looking like you want it to — talk to us about the options you have for keloids, or to reduce acne scars.

Another keloid scar removal treatment is surgery. This is the most expensive type of treatment; and, as with any surgery, there are a few risks, such as infection at the surgery site. The treatment for keloids by surgery is less sought after because it isn’t always beneficial and may even cause another keloid to present itself, or make the current keloid even larger if it comes back after the surgery. You may be offered the choice of having radiation done after the surgery to further the benefits, or your surgeon may inject the site with steroids.

Kenalog (steroid) is injected into acne or pimples and this helps in repressing the activity in the body which causes infection, redness, and swelling. This procedure helps to solve the problem instantly. Kenalog injection for acne treats acne well, but there are some minor side effects. These include stretch marks, redness, itching, skin peeling, and skin thinning. Excessive use can lead to blurred vision, weight gain, fatigue, and insomnia.


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