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Age Spots/Freckles

Are you concerned about age spots or freckles on your skin? We can develop the perfect anti- aging skin treatment for you. Although genetics play a role in whether you develop these, you do have control over other factors. If you already have age spots or freckles, customized treatments at Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center can help fade them until they are barely noticeable.

Causes of Age Spots

Age spots appear on your skin over time, primarily because of exposure to the sun. When UV rays from the sun hit unprotected skin, the cells in the skin’s surface layer are damaged. That damage then sets off triggers in skin that cause it to produce melanin in order to protect you from the sun. Despite the name, age spots have very little to do with your actual age. They could more accurately be called sun spots because they form from repeat exposure to the sun. You can prevent age spots from developing by always wearing sunscreen when you go outside, even on cloudy days. At CRMC, we can treat these issues with precision — talk to us about options like Fraxel laser treatments.

Causes of Freckles

Like age spots, freckles are also caused by repeated unprotected sun exposure. Freckles come in two primary types. Ephelides are genetic freckles — the type you are born with. These may become more intense in the summer and fade during the winter. Lentigines are darker than ephilides and result from UV rays. These do not fade. Like age spots, the only way to prevent freckles is to always wear sunscreen.

Available Treatments

A few different treatment options are available for age spots and freckles at CRMC such as Chemical Peels, Micro Peels, and Photorejuvenation Treatments. Treatment may be recommended to each patient depending on their condition and skin type to generate results successfully and safely. Skin bleaching creams like hydroquinone are also available.

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