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The Lumifacial uses modern technology to try and push that effectiveness factor forward while creating a relaxing experience. This is not the facial you’re used to. The Lumifacial uses the power of four different colors of LED lights and micronized currents (“Micronized currents are non-invasive. They stimulate and resemble the biological currents that your body produces to tighten muscles. Extensive clinical research has shown that these currents are able to lift and tone the muscles.”) to treat the skin. A certain light energy or combination of light energies is chosen based on your skin’s needs. For example, blue light treats acne prone skin by going through the superficial dermis to reach the sebaceous gland. The green light works for decreasing melanin production and pigmentation, so it will get rid of any redness. The yellow light heals and detoxifies. It can actually work to heal wounds by being absorbed into the blood system. The red light increases collagen production by five times, so works to repair cells and stimulate growth. The red light is great for healing and carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin. You can choose to treat anywhere from one to four main problem areas this way. Basically the process allows you to focus on the different problem areas that affect you, as opposed to a more pre-tailored facial process. While full results could call for a process of six to ten visits, it is reported that results can be seen after the first time. The facial is supposed to be very comfortable and relaxing.

The process will involve a wrap-around panel being positioned in front of your face-this is the panel that will emit the LED light.

Because the Lumifacial has different treatment options as part of its process, almost anyone can have the facial done. The facial can treat everything from acne to aging, so it works for young and old, and from those who feel their skin needs a pick-me-up to those who have more serious dermatological issues. The whole treatment takes about thirty minutes and then you’re back to your day, no need for down time – so really it’s an option for just about anyone.

The benefits of the Lumifacial are substantial but not too far removed from the benefits of your average facial when done well. There is no redness or peeling – thank goodness, because that’s unattractive, and there’s no discomfort. Again, it is a big plus that you can choose your light energy to target the exact issue your skin has. A portion of the improvement can be seen immediately, with younger looking skin, less lines, redefined contour, and better elasticity. Not to mention, if this is an issue you choose to treat, decrease in blemishes and pore size. Also, the process can be done to the neck, hands, and chest, so the rest of you can match your refreshed face!

There seem to be no documented risks or side effects. You’d think a treatment implementing LED light energies would carry a slight potential risk for thermal damage of some sort. But without the UV rays, LED light alone is 100% safe, and causes absolutely no thermal damage. Just remember, a single session of this facial will only last up to three months. And if there’s one downside, it’s that no matter what they claim, there’s no way this type of facial can be as

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