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Juvéderm Voluma XC


JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC—is the first filler approved by the FDA to claim it can “temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area of adults over the age of 21.” The first of its kind, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ uses hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in your skin, to instantly restore lost facial volume in the cheeks and contour the chin.

Voluma is similar to regular Juvederm yet different in a novel way. It is a sub-dermal filler, meant to be placed deeper in the skin. It is hyaluronic acid like regular Juvederm but is a smooth, very cohesive, highly viscous and more robust filler for large area volumization

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC also combines with collagen and elastin to improve skin structure and elasticity, and create a smooth natural look. The results are instant, natural looking and can last up to 2 years with optimal treatment. Plus there’s no downtime – most people resume normal activities immediately.

When it comes to enhancing the chin and cheeks, a little volume goes a long way. Thin, tired skin can speak volumes about a person’s age. Signs of aging like sunken cheeks or a sagging chin can add years to a person’s face. Full cheeks are a key marker of youth. Age-related volume loss can cause the face to lose definition, balance and change shape, all of which can make a person appear older than their years.

People age differently: their skin may deflate (lose fullness or volume), descend (droop or sag) or both. However, few people realize the mid-face is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging – as we lose facial volume, cheeks deflate and descend.

Using the latest in volumizing technology, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ proves that a little volume can go a long way in restoring a more youthful, natural appearance:

  • First and only Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler FDA-approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area, resulting in a subtle lift
  • Clinically proven to last up to 2 years with optimal treatment
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC is from the makers of the #1 family of fillers
  • Restore deep volume loss and smooth the mid-face
  • Rejuvenate sunken areas around the cheeks
  • Create volume and youthful contour in the chin

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