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Get the results you want with our abdominal skin tightening treatment. SkinTyte utilizes infrared energy to deeply heat soft tissue while protecting the entire treated area with sapphire contact cooling. This heating process causes soft tissue coagulation that tightens tissues and initiates the body’s natural healing process. Following this special treatment, often used for belly skin tightening, a new foundation of collagen is created leading to increased skin firmness. The skin is tightened by deeply heating it, however, the procedure cools and protects the entire treated surface at the same time, which results in reduced pain and minimized injury to adjacent skin. It is a quick procedure, there is minimal downtime, and it is comfortable for the patient. It’s a wonderful option for those looking for the perfect anti- aging skin treatment.

With no need for a topical anesthetic, the energy is delivered in rapid, gentle pulses to promote contraction and partial coagulation of the collagen, initiating the body’s natural healing process. SkinTyte delivers uniform, targeted, and deep heating to effectively coagulate soft tissue in stimulating collagen contraction and re-modeling. Since there is no downtime, patients may resume their regular activities immediately following treatment. In addition, SkinTyte can predictably and effectively treat any area of the body where improvement is desired, giving patients a firmer, more youthful appearance. Don’t wait any longer — get the most personalized treatment for skin tightening in the Los Angeles region.

SkinTyte is able to comfortably alter and contract collagen deep within your skin, leaving you with increased firmness and tighter looking skin. Depending on the area treated, the entire procedure can be over in as little as 30 minutes. To achieve full results, you may need one treatment per month for a total of 2-5 treatments. Full results can take up to 4 months, while your collagen is rebuilding and tightening. SkinTyte is safe for all skin types and areas of the body. Most patients are interested in tightening their face, neck, abdomen, and arms. While SkinTyte is a safe, non-surgical option for tightening skin, it is not a substitute for a facelift procedure. SkinTyte is best for patients seeking moderate and noticeable improvements without dealing with all the risk and expense of cosmetic plastic surgery. What are the benefits of Skin Tyte?


What to do before a Skin Tyte treatment

Before coming in for a Skin Tyte treatment it is important to remove any facial make-up, ointments or creams. Men are advised to shave the day of the appointment before coming in for treatment.

Patients who have had recent blisters on the face may need to postpone treatment. This should be discussed with the doctor prior to your scheduled appointment. It is also important to be free from any facial infections, lesions, or herpetic sores when receiving treatment. Your skin should be completely healed to achieve optimal results with less discomfort.

The Skin Tyte Treatment Procedure

When arriving for the treatment patients are asked to wear protective goggles. For anyone who is more sensitive to pain a soothing gel can be applied to the skin before treatment to help reduce any discomfort during the laser treatment.

The Skin Tyte procedure uses gentle pulses of infrared light energy during treatment. The treatment usually takes approximately 30 minutes per area. Most patients do not report feeling excessive pain when receiving treatment. When the entire session is over you can leave the office and continue with your day. You may experience minimal swelling for the first day following a Skin Tyte treatment but women will be able to wear make-up soon after treatment.


What are the typical results of Skin Tyte?

Most patients experience tighter skin after only one treatment, however marked improvement in skin texture and firmness are generally observed in approximately three to five sessions spaced one month apart. After the initial set of treatment sessions your doctor may recommend follow-up visits to achieve optimal results.

The amazing result of the Skin Tyte procedure is smoother, tighter, glowing skin free from redness to give you a more youthful look without the inconvenience of surgery or missed work. You can usually continue with your day with minimal risks and maximum results.

Is Skin Tyte for me?

Patients with skin suffering from sun damage, irregular skin texture, pigmentation issues, such as age spots or redness, fine lines (around the lips, mouth, and eyes), mild acne scarring, and an overall aging effect can benefit from the Skin Tyte procedure. Skin Tyte can reveal a more refreshed you in no time.

Skin Tyte is not a recommended treatment option for patients with connective tissue disease, autoimmune disorders, woman who are pregnant, and anyone who has recently sun-tanned or will be exposed to excessive sun light following treatment. You should discuss with your doctor any medications you may be taking along with your medical history to avoid complications.

What are the side effects of Skin Tyte?

Side effects associated with Skin Tyte are minimal and generally last for a short time and include mild discomfort during treatment and redness following treatment for less than 24 hours. There is also a slight risk for swelling of the face for 3-5 days following treatment, this rare condition is usually found in the treatment of severely sun damaged skin due to damaged connective tissue around the blood vessels. Although rare mild blistering and bruising may also occur, however this usually clears very quickly.

More serious side effects such as post-treatment pigmentation change is very rare, when occurring this is a treatable condition that usually clears in time. You can discuss these and any other concerns you may have with the doctor prior to treatment

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