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For many people, scars can be a painful reminder of the past and can also lower their self-esteem. If you have a scar that is causing you concern, you should know that many safe scar removal and minimization techniques are available now. One of the most effective techniques is steroid injections.

How do steroid injections help scars?

Steroid injections are particularly helpful for hypertrophic and keloid scars. These are large, raised scars that form because of excess collagen. These scars are also usually hyper pigmented and very stiff compared to the surrounding skin, making them quite noticeable. They can also sometimes itch and scratching or picking at them can cause them to bleed and become infected, making the scarring even worse.

Kenalog Scar injections have been used to treat and reduce these types of scars for years. The medication used in the injection may be either cortisone or triamcinolone, both corticosteroid anti-inflammatories. The steroid reduces the amount of collagen that forms in the scar tissue, keeping the scar smaller and much less noticeable. Another benefit of steroid injection is that these medications can help reduce any itchiness, making the area around the scar more comfortable. Some small side effects are possible, including reduced pigmentation — meaning that the area might be slightly lighter than the surrounding skin.

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