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Sclerotherapy Treatments

Sclerotherapy is a simple non-surgical treatment used to eliminate superficial vessels knows as spider veins or reticular veins. This non-invasive, no-downtime treatment offered at Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center involves small injection of sclerosing solution directly into the unsightly vein, using a very fine needle. Following relatively painless sclerotherapy procedure, veins start to collapse and gradually disappear.

Sclerotherapy is an FDA-approved treatment that has been successfully used for vein removal since 1930. Originally developed for treatment of varicose veins, today it is a treatment of choice for red, blue or purple veins of all sizes.

Unsightly veins on the legs, face and body affect millions of people. Spider veins and other types of telangiectasias can cause pain and burning sensation. They may also be the reason you easily get tired and your legs feel restless. Sclerotherapy is a simple 20 to 30 minutes treatment that will not only remove those unattractive veins but will also eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with the problem.

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What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) in which a solution, called a “sclerosing agent,” is injected into the veins.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) in which a solution, called a “sclerosing agent,” is injected into the veins.

Am I A Candidate for Sclerotherapy?

Anyone who has spider veins, reticular veins or other types of telangiectasias on the legs, face or body is a candidate for sclerotherapy vein removal treatment. In some people veins become noticeable in their teen years. However, most often it is a problem with people between 25 and 60. Sometimes you do not know if what you see is of a vascular origin. Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center offers free consultation to evaluate your skin and determine if you are a candidate for sclerotherapy or laser vein treatments.

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Is Sclerotherapy Vein Removal Painful?

Sclerotherapy is a series of micro injections that cause dilated veins to gradually shrink and disappear. Because the injections are performed using a very small needle they are practically painless. Occasionally, clients may feel slight burning sensation while the medication is administered. The number of veins injected in one session varies, and depends on the size and location of the veins, as well as the general medical condition of the patient.

What Causes Spider Veins?

Spider veins are caused by a variety of different factors including genetic, lifestyle and vein disease. More women are typically affected by spider veins then men. Hormonal changes during puberty, childbearing and menopause are greatly responsible for vein disease in females. If your mother had a problem with vein, there is a very high probability you will have and your daughters. The problem could be worsened with prolonged standing and/or sitting which causes an increased pressure on the vein walls. Injury or trauma is often a cause of broken capillaries or vessels on the upper or lower legs. Sometimes the effects of the injury appear years after the injury has healed. High pressure from the near-by varicose vein often results in the appearance of the spider veins.

What Are The Causes of Facial Spider Veins?

Facial spider veins are predominantly caused by rosacea, excessive sun exposure, acne, allergies, genetic predisposition and trauma. Initially, spider veins occur around the nose and on the cheeks. In severe cases, defined vessels could be seen on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and chest. The surrounding skin typically appears red and irritated. General redness and rosacea are effectively treated with laser facial or photo facial treatments.

Do spider veins serve A Purpose?

No. They represent a dilation of surface vessels secondary to increased pressure in the deeper veins.

What Should I Expect After The Sclerotherapy?

Immediately after the sclerotherapy the vein may appear slightly darker or bright red. Then, after a week they start to disappear. It typically takes two to four treatments to achieve optimal results. Often, clients are surprised at the dramatic difference sclerotherapy makes.

It is advised that patients undergoing the procedure discontinue use of aspirin or ibuprofen medications at least 48 hours prior to their appointment, since these medications could negatively impact the outcome.
Although rare, patients undergoing sclerotherapy should be prepared to see lumpy or hard veins in the weeks following the procedure-which should dissipate within a matter of months. Noticeable brown lines may appear around the site of the injection. While these should go away within three to six months, they can last longer-or permanently-in some patients.

Is Sclerotherapy For Everyone?

The majority of persons who have sclerotherapy performed will get cleared of their varicosities or at least see good improvement. Unfortunately, however, 10% of patients who undergo sclerotherapy have poor to fair results. (“Poor results” means that the veins have not totally disappeared after six treatments.) In very rare instances, the patient’s condition may become worse after sclerotherapy treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent of varicose and spider veins present. One to six or more treatments may be needed; the average is three to four. Individual veins usually require one to three treatments.

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