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Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is only one of the causes of stretch marks. They can also form due to weight loss or gain in the abdomen and thighs, or from rapid growth in the teen years and hormone fluctuations. About 90% of women suffer from stretch marks, but they can be treated naturally. Stretch mark treatments depend upon the individual and the severity, as well as stretch mark locations. If they extend into more visible areas, then they should be treated more aggressively than stretch marks that are pale, faded, or less visible in normal clothing or swimwear.

Natural treatments for stretch marks vary. They may include using lotions, creams, or oils that are massaged deep into the skin to accelerate fading. Oftentimes, these products contain vitamins E and K, as well as shea butter, cacao butter, and aloe vera. Vitamins E and K help rejuvenate and repair skin cells, while shea butter, cacao butter, and aloe vera help moisturize it to improve luster. These are simple, easy ways to help reduce stretch marks by nourishing the skin and preventing irritation, which can jeopardize your skin’s health and make it harder to get rid of stretch marks. Those who are trying to get rid of stretch marks can prevent future ones from appearing by eating healthy and keeping their weight under control. With the introduction of SkinTyte, stretch mark removal and skin tightening can be treated successfully.

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