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Tattoo Removal

Medical lasers use a beam of light to significantly lighten and/or completely remove your tattoo. The ink particles absorb the light from the laser and are then broken up into fragments and then absorbed through your body’s immune system. The process usually takes a few weeks. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions you will need to break down the ink particles. Directly after your treatment, your skin will have a white discoloration, and the area around the tattoo may become reddish or appear swollen. This is reaction is normal and will disappear slowly over time. Maximum results are noticeable about 5 weeks after each treatment. Immediately after treatment, antibacterial ointment and gauze will be applied to the treated area to minimize infection. The number of treatments required for optimal results depends on the size, location, depth, and color of the tattoo. Each treatment should be performed 4 to 8 weeks apart in order to allow the body to remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment after each treatment

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