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Zara Asks, “How Are You Sticking To Your New Year Resolution(s)?”

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A majority of us did it.  We rang in 2015 with full enthusiasm towards new weight loss and fitness goals. For those of you who stuck to your goals but the fat is still “sticking” — I wrote today’s post for you.

Especially in sunny Los Angeles, where the average year round 75 degree weather doesn’t allow us to hide behind cold weather coats and bundles, CoolSculpting has become one of our top procedures at CRMCLaser.

While I still promote an overall healthy lifestyle for all of you, I wanted to share how CRMCLaser can help get rid of those stubborn bulges or problem areas that continue to bother you – no matter how clean you eat or how often you workout.

Some common questions I receive from patients:

How much weight will I lose?

One misconception is that losing weight and actual reduction of fat are the same.  Are you surprised to know they are not?  When you lose weight, you are only reducing the size of fat cells and when you gain weight, you are increasing the size.  CoolSculpting does not shrink the fat cells — CoolSculpting eliminates the fat cells, for good.  Your clothes will fit better and the fat is actually gone. Win, Win.

How does it work?

We’ve listed out everything you will need to know and what to expect here:

FDA-cleared, the procedure uses technology to control the cooling settings that freezes and gets rid of unwanted fat cells without surgery or recovery time.  CoolSculpting takes approximately 60 minutes and prime results are seen about 90 days after the procedure.  There is no better time to start the procedure then now to get ready for Spring and swimwear!

Does it hurt?

While pain tolerance varies per patient, you can expect to complete the procedure in one hour with minimal discomfort.  Our team is always nearby to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Most of our busy patients are often seen multi-tasking with their iPads/iPhones during the procedure.  Unlike invasive liposuction surgery, the treatment is designed to remove fat with no downtime.  There can be minimal bruising and minimal discomfort for a few days after the procedure.

Here are some of our happy patients who experienced CoolSculpting at our location:

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For current pricing, please contact our offices at (323) 650-9949. Be sure to stay on top of promotions we sometimes run for this procedure, by following us on Instagram @CRMCLaser, or liking our Facebook page here:

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