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Shaving Away Thousands of Dollars?

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.37.55 AMAre You Shaving (Or Waxing) Away Thousands of Dollars?

In today’s blog, I wanted to highlight our laser hair removal service.  Why? Because we often hear the misconception that it is very expensive and that the “laser” seems extremely painful.

Our team at CRMCLaser has been performing laser hair removal for over a decade and outside of saving you thousands of dollars, the benefits of laser hair removal also includes saving you time, potential for ingrown hairs (therefore creating darkened and blemished areas), and a huge step towards smoother skin!

Did you know that some studies have revealed that waxing is the most expensive form of hair removal? One survey reported that the average spend on hair removal in one’s lifetime is $23,000!

The protocol for our technology calls for 6-8 treatments at intervals of 6-8 weeks, depending on the area of the body. Every patient has unique hair growth cycles, possible hormone changes, so spot treatments may be necessary every now and then.  Our goal is to ensure your laser hair removal journey is performed in the least amount of time and that you are as comfortable as possible during each treatment.

We know that pain tolerance differs greatly between each patient so we have numbing creams and ice readily available for your maximum comfort.  Many describe the “pain” as a similar sensation that a rubber band snapping gives.

The tolerable discomfort is worth it – we assure you.  The laser kills hair from the root. You keep shaving a couple of times like normal after your laser hair removal treatment. Then you will start to notice permanent hair reduction!

Please feel free to read more here about the process and technology your CRMCLaser team uses and be sure to stay connected to our Instagram @CRMCLaser and Facebook for our promotions!

No more frequent shaving or waxing – – there is a better solution, so please call us today for current pricing.  Your hair free journey starts with CRMCLaser, 323-650-9949.

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