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Krissy K.

Let me begin by saying, “I’m a Doctor’s nightmare”. I despise needles, pain, treatments of any kind…& Doctors. *Individual results may vary.

Botox – Juvederm
My first visit was December 2010, (Zara) was extremely informative and calmed my nerves. I never felt pressured or upsold.
Dr Cohen was friendly, funny & asked questions regarding me as a person. he put me at ease and was very detailed about the treatments and asked if I was ok throughout the injections.
His technique is very gentle and he assured me he wouldn’t overfill or inject. Then I can come back for the remaining product after any swelling subsides. This way the result would be exactly what I wanted without looking like the woman in the locker room at my Sports Club LA gym. Scuuuuury.

I didn’t know what to expect as I was a first timer. Two weeks after my procedures I was soooo happy when a bartender called me MISS and I looked as I did 15 years ago. My own parents didn’t notice the treatment. My Mom said; “you look so happy, what’s up”? Well my eyes weren’t droopy and sleepy anymore. It wasn’t that I was any happier. Well actually I was. SWEET!

my botox lasted 3 months. (may not be typical)

I went back again today for botox for my forehead and eyes. I also asked for juvederm under my eyes as I looked like I haven’t slept in weeks. Damn, I look good now. A couple bruises but those dissipate.

I am food writer and yelper…please remember when reading negative reviews it’s simply someones opinion and it’s highly possible they aren’t considering every person is different with results. Even if you see a photo, THAT’S NOT YOU IN THE PICTURE. It’s someone else. You don’t know the person leaving the review. They could be disgruntled, a serial complainer or having a bad life. Also Yelp allows ALL reviews. Real or Fake. They don’t discriminate or research their sources.


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